(Some want to offer a bonus for people who sign up through their link, but they'll need to know who actually did that.)

There are some strange things on the admin side for affiliates (they can see the video & student list, but when the links are clicked it logs them out)... But, the financial tab shows only the sales that came in from the affiliate (well, I didn't test with more than one affiliate - but I know for sure it isn't displaying revenue from non affiliate sales).



And, even though they can't see the details on the dashboard, they can download a csv file that looks like this:

Including the name and email address of the student

another PLUS: I found an email in my inbox a minute ago - sent from fedora to my test account .. it's a message that would be sent to your affiliates, letting them know they earned income as an affiliate - inside the email, it includes the name of the person who signed up - so they'll know right away...