What software/structures do you have in place to automate your invoices/finances. I am creating a subscription portal and anticipate a large volume at a low price. I want to make sure the payment (via paypal), invoicing and accounting side is automated as much as possible.

I have 3 main things I use for invoicing. 1 wouldn't work for this situation though. I use Freshbooks to create simple online invoices from time logged.  Well, I used to, but I haven't logged any billable time for 3 months (pretty proud of that - I've been on the time for dollars train for way too many years, and broke free 100% this summer)


On my website LoraleeHutton.com I use WooCommerce, and it's really awesome for automating the entire cycle.  It's connected to my paypal account and all I need to do is set up the item once in woocommerce (add the description, upload the digital files, write a short note that will be sent out after the purchase is complete) and it takes care of everything else.  An email is sent to the customer with the download links encrypted, as soon as the payment as been processed, and a copy of the invoice is sent to my email inbox.

But, you're asking about subscriptions, which makes me think of a recurring membership site, possibly? If that's the case, you might want to consider one of the following:


  1. s2Member.com  (this is the one I used at AskLoralee.com)
  2. Woocommerce with the subscription plugin
  3. Woocommerce with the Groups plugin
  4. A non WordPress option like Fedora www.usefedora.com or www.zenlier.com