Like many other “freemium business models” I do actually generate some revenue from offering this to you with zero cost to you. In some ways it's like using gmail, or facebook – but you won't be seeing annoying ads from me.

 ===Here's how it works=== 

(and if this is a business model that might work for you, don't feel shy about asking me for some guidance or tips & tricks) 

While doing my online business research I've created a huge resource database of products and programs that I like to use, or that have worked well for my clients. Many of these business want to acquire new clients & offer an affiliate program. Even the companies who have free products still need to acquire new clients. When I talk about a product I've used that also has an affiliate program, I use my special link. If you try it too, they often send me “thank you money”. That part is pretty simple. (one business model) 

Another reason I can offer this for free is this; When you sign up for free, you will get a taste of who I am, and over time I hope I will earn your trust & you'll also have a good idea of how I could help you with other projects as your business grows.

Maybe you'll need help in 3 years time. Anything is possible (this is a list-building strategy) Hopefully you love what you learn with me & you'll tell a friend or two. (this is a marketing strategy)